Interesting and Noteworthy

Pathogen Killing Paint

Picture of Anthrax Pathogen sample

Public Domain Image of Anthrax Pathogen

Bacteria likes to hang around in hospitals and as we know, sometimes a hospital visit can result in infections we didn’t have when we came in. Paint company Sherwin-Williams thinks it may have an answer for part of the problem – pathogen killing paint. Called Paint Shield, this new paint will be offered for sale beginning the first quarter of 2016. This excellent article by DJ Pangburn at Good Magazine lays out the difficulties hospitals encounter when trying to eliminate the possibility of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), how they are one of the leading causes of preventable deaths and how the new paint – which has not been tested extensively in the real world – will address them. Read the entire article here.

First Responders in Iceland

Picture of Search and Rescue Vehicle

Isak LandRover

It’s interesting to see how the work of being a first responder can vary. So many different things can affect it – environment, agencies, population, and country. At this moment there is an informative piece from New Yorker Magazine on the nationalized Slysavarnafélagið Landsbjörg, or, in English, the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue—ICE-SAR.  The terrain is extreme and situations often dire.

Read the article here and be amazed by the training and the effort.


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