The Future of Big Data in Healthcare and News for Flu Victims

According to an article in Business Insider, in the future, when you report symptoms to your doctor, they will be cross-checked with your community to see if there is a trend which might indicate an outbreak. And when your doctor recommends treatment, it will be after looking at what other doctors have seen success with for other patients with your diagnosis.

Using your smartphone to record instances where you had difficulty breathing will make it easier to give your doctor actual numbers rather than guesses.

Primary caregivers as well as hospitals are moving into a new information technology area where they will have to be alert to potential uses of big data and its potential pitfalls, not the least of which is ensuring the data is used wisely and a patient’s privacy is protected. Read the entire article here.

Universal Flu Virus?

A new study shows that there may soon be an immunization that will protect against several kinds of flu virus, rather than just the one that seems to be most going around during any given flu season.

Every year a flu vaccine is manufactured based on what strains are currently circulating and how they’re spreading. But in the near future, a virus may be released that can combat several different strains. The new vaccine is based on a ‘cocktail’ of antigens and the trials so far look very promising. Not only are multiple flu strains addressed, but the study shows that the vaccine is both effective in older mice and can offer protection for as long as six months. IFL Science breaks down the study and explains what it means here.


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