Wireless Help for Elderly or Compromised

blood pressure monitoring device

Image via Wikipedia Commons

Having been in the tech industry for a couple of decades, I’m naturally enthusiastic about tech solutions for health-related problems. Recently, I found this article on MakeUseOf about some wireless tools that can be used by people who are infirm or have otherwise compromised health but still have the ability to remain in their own homes.

Ignore the title – “Keeping Grammy Safe” – the author was thinking of her own grandmother when she wrote the article and it’s not intended to be an implication that all grandmothers are in need of technological keepers. In fact, the number of people over the age of 60 who use computers daily has increased and continues to do so.

Among the tech listed are:

  • A bio patch for using wireless to monitor someone’s condition after a hospital stay
  • Wireless alert buttons for falls or other accidents
  • An online portal for talking to your doctor about test results or specialist referrals
  • Wireless tools for monitoring blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.

And there’s something for Alzheimer’s/dementia patient caregivers – a wireless GPS transmitter that can be placed in someone’s shoe so that if they wander off, they can be more quickly found.

Technology has the potential of providing better healthcare for all of us, though – as the market becomes more crowded with enthusiastic developers – it will pay to examine any potential tool carefully.


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