This Shot’s for You!

appointment for flu shot

You may have heard that this year’s flu shot is “not effective.” That is wrong. Here’s why (via CNN):

In February, a panel of experts decided on 3 strains of the virus to include in this year’s vaccine, based on data about the common strains circulating around the globe throughout the year. Some years the vaccine is a better match to the circulating strains than others.

It’s too late to create another version of the flu vaccine this year, Frieden said, because even with modern production technology, it typically takes about four months to produce the vaccine.

While this year’s version is not as protective against a mutated strain, it can still decrease the severity of illness caused by the virus. It can also protect against other circulating strains of the virus, which is why the CDC still recommends getting the vaccine.

If you haven’t gotten your flu shot, get it. The flu is already going around and you don’t want it!



This post was written on New Year’s Eve – please spare a thought tonight for our First Responders – don’t drink and drive! They will have their hands full as it is and you don’t need to be one of their customers!


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